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Welcome to Iotabee Start Guide!

Iotabee is a decentralized trading platform that integrates two solutions:
  • Iotabee DEX is an aggregator DEX on Shimmer EVM offering the best trading prices on IOTA & Shimmer! To read the DEX Start Guide, you may continue to the next section.
  • Iotabee Crosschain Swap is a semi-centralized trading platform on IOTA Mainnet. To read the Crosschain Swap Start Guide, click here
How to enter these two dApps?
If you have not yet connected your wallet, you may see two entrances on the website:
  • On the left-hand side, you have the Iotabee DEX that supports ShimmerEVM. You need to connect with a wallet that supports the same chain to enter. Verify your wallet address, and if it starts with 0x, you are probably all set!
  • On the right-hand side, you have the Iotabee Crosschain Swap that supports Shimmer Mainnet(Layer1), BSC and IOTA Mainnet(Layer 1). You need to connect with a wallet that supports the above chains to enter. Check the Start Guide here!
Now choose your universe and have fun!