Get SMR tokens on Shimmer EVM

The native token on Shimmer EVM is SMR. It serves as both the primary asset and the gas fee within the ShimmerEVM ecosystem. Without SMR, exploring the ShimmerEVM ecosystem is not possible. So, what can you do?

If you already have some Layer1 SMR (they are in your wallet address starting with "smr"), then you can use Firefly wallet to convert your Layer1 SMR into EVM SMR.

Simply click "send assets" in your Firefly Shimmer wallet, and select the destination network to be Shimmer EVM, and paste the receiving EVM wallet address (an address starting with 0x). The receiving address can be either Tanglepay or Metamask if you wish to use Iotabee services.

If you don't have any Layer1 SMR, but already have some IOTA, you can use Iotabee Crosschain Swap (connect to with your Tanglepay IOTA wallet address) to buy some, and follow the above steps to convert them to EVM SMR.

Below is an illustration to help you understand this process:

You can of course also buy some EVM SMR directly on CEXs like BitForex.

We wish you all the fun in exploring Shimmer EVM!

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