Aggregator DEX on Shimmer EVM

Iotabee has now become an aggregator DEX on Shimmer EVM, and will be on IOTA EVM in the upcoming months. By using the aggregator, we ensure you trade at the best price!

Video Tutorial:

Text Tutorial:

Four Steps are explained below: Connect Your Wallet; Enter Swap Details ; Confirm and Pay. Please follow them step by step.

STEP 1: Connet your Wallet

  • Connect your Tanglepay or Metamask wallet on the website;

  • Make sure you're using the EVM chain. If this is the case, the wallet address should be starting with 0x;

  • You need to enter your password in the pop-up window and sign to confirm the connection;

  • If connected correctly, you shall be able to see your balance accordingly in the wallet's web extension and your Iotabee profile in the top-right corner;

STEP 2: Select the token and swap amount

  • Select the token and swap amount. When you input the source amount, the target amount will be automatically calculated based on the current price;

  • The slippage is set to 0.5% by default.

STEP 3: Check all the transaction information, and confirm

  • The assets will be swapped to the EVM wallet address that you use to connect to Iotabee. Check all the transaction information and confirm.

STEP 4: Approve and Pay

  • Enter your password in the pop-up window of the wallet and pay.

🥳You’re all set! Now you can check the transaction details in "Recent transactions".

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