Add Liquidity to Your Preferred Pool

ℹ️ On a DEX, you can provide liquidity to earn passive income or do liquidity farming.

The APR is the main indicator of the return rate of a liquidity pool. The higher the APR is, the higher the return will be ( impermanent loss excluded).

To learn more about providing liquidity, check our FAQ here.

Two steps are explained below: Prepare your wallet and tokens; Add Liquidity. Please follow them step by step.

You can also create a new pool if you do not find the desired trading pair on iotabee. ! This action contains financial risk. Please be cautious before you proceed.

STEP 1: Prepare your wallet and tokens

To get started, you will need:

  • A Tanglepay or Metamask EVM wallet

  • Equal value of both tokens in a selected pool. ( When you add liquidity on Iotabee, you will need to add equal value of both tokens, for example, X USD value of A token and X USD value of B token ).

  • If you lack one of the tokens, you can swap some directly on Iotabee using the swap function

STEP 2: Add liquidity:

  • If it is your very first time adding liquidity, click on "Select your first pool to join".

  • Select the pool and enter the desired liquidity amount. You only need to enter the amount for one token.The amount required for another token will be automatically calculated based on the current ratio in the pool.

  • Click "Add" and verify the information one last time, then "Confirm add". Your wallet web extension will pop up for payment. Please confirm.

! If you use Metamask, it also allows you to manually edit the spending cap. This information must be filled out before you can proceed. To learn more about customizing your spending cap in Metamask check their official guide here.

  • Once the payment is done, your position is added successfully and you can check it on your "My Position" page

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