Supported Wallets

Iotabee DEX currently supports connecting with Metamask or Tanglepay wallet.

We will support Firefly once there is the Firefly web extension available. Firefly is now supported to pay for the IOTA -> sIOTA and SOON-> sSOON bridge.

If you use Tanglepay Wallet:

  • Install Tanglepay wallet via the official site: We recommend having the web extension installed in your browser and prioritize visiting the dApp via your laptop for an optimized user experience.

  • Then create an account or add a new account ( if you already have other wallets) and select the EVM network:

  • Then follow the instructions provided by the wallet until your account is successfully created.

💡Tips: You can easily switch between networks in the Tanglepay wallet by clicking on the arrow next to your wallet address:

If you use Metamask Wallet:

Questions?Join our Discord and ask for support!

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