Understand Your Farming Dashboard

Once you have completed the staking process, you will be able to view your staking details, including important information about your rewards. There are three key areas you should focus on to understand your reward details:

  1. View Actively Staked LP Tokens: In this area, you will find all the LP (Liquidity Provider) tokens that are presently staked in your account. By clicking the arrow located on the right-hand side of each entry, you can access more detailed information, including: Stake Period End Time: This shows the date and time when your staking period for each LP token will come to an end. It's essential to be aware of these end times as they determine when you can unstake your tokens. LP Token Amount: This indicates the quantity of LP tokens you have staked for each entry. It helps you keep track of your total staked assets and provides an overview of your commitment to the liquidity pool. Multiplier: The multiplier represents a factor applied to your staked LP tokens that can boost your rewards. To gain a deeper understanding of how this multiplier works and how the rewards are distributed, check this article from SoonLabs.

  2. View accrued locked SOON Tokens to claim: This zone displays all your farming rewards (i.e., additional SOON tokens) yet to be unlocked. The rewards will be released on a weekly basis. Once the rewards are distributed, you will find them in this section. By clicking on the arrow on the right-hand side, you can visualize the rewards’ unlock time, and the exact amount. Once the reward tokens are released and unlocked, they will no longer be visible in the "Accrued locked SOON Tokens to claim" section. Instead, they will appear in the "Harvest" area under "Claimable rewards." This transition indicates that your rewards are now available for claiming.

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