Add Liquidity and Stake

Before you get started, it's important to understand that your staking period always officially starts and ends on a Thursday at GMT 00:00. This means that your staking end date is always on the first Thursday following your selected staking period.

For example:

- If you stake your assets on Tuesday for a week, you are counted in for that week's staking. Your staking period will end on the following Thursday instead of the following Thursday, and you will receive your reward, which will enter the vesting period for 52 weeks.

- If you stake your assets on Saturday for a week, you will not receive any reward on the following Thursday as you are not counted in for the previous week's staking.

Video tutorial:

Step-by-step Guide:

  1. Prepare your assets: Make sure you have some sSOON, sETH, and sBTC to participate in the farming. All these tokens are wrapped assets on ShimmerEVM. You can use the bridge feature on Iotabee to wrap your SOON, ETH and BTC (on Ethereum). Here is our bridge guide.

  2. Add liquidity: Before staking, you must first add liquidity. If you have added liquidity before, you may skip this part and move to the stake section directly.

    • Ensure that you are connected to using either a Tanglepay or Metamask EVM wallet configured for the Shimmer EVM network. Confirm that your wallet address starts with "0x," and within the web extension, verify that you can see the "ETH" or the ETH icon.

    • Navigate to the farming page. Click “Add liquidity”.

    • Select your desired trading pair and specify the amount of liquidity you wish to add.

    • Review all the provided information one last time and then click "Confirm add." Your wallet web extension will prompt you for payment confirmation. Proceed to confirm the transaction.

  3. Stake: Once your liquidity is successfully added, you can now proceed with staking:

    • Click the "Stake" button.

    • Choose your desired staking period to preview the associated staking rewards. Generally, for the same amount of tokens staked, longer staking periods yield higher rewards. Keep in mind that once you select and confirm a staking period, your assets can only be unstaked when that period ends. Unstaking before the period concludes is not possible.

    • After selecting your preferred staking period, click the "Stake" button and confirm the staking.

    • Your wallet web extension will prompt you for payment confirmation. Verify the transaction details, then confirm and proceed with the payment.

    Congratulations! You have successfully staked your LP (Liquidity Provider) tokens and are now set to earn rewards.

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