Unwrap Assets from Shimmer EVM to ETH

You can now unwrap sETH and sBTC from Shimmer EVM to ETH, here is how:

  1. Connect wallet: Make sure you're connected with your EVM wallet (the address starts with 0x)

  1. Make sure the correct network is selected: To unwrap assets from Shimmer EVM, you must be connected to the Shimmer EVM network in your Tanglepay or Metamask wallet. If not, switch to it in the web extension: In Tanglepay, the switch network button is on the right-hand side of your wallet address:

In Metamask, the switch network button is on the left-hand side of your account name:

  1. Select the original and target token, enter the amount and target wallet address

  2. Confirm and pay. Note that service fees will be charged for using the bridge. The fee rate is displayed in the bottom right corner of the transaction window:

You may consult the full list of the bridge service fees here.

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